Will Hechter


Will, a native of Winnipeg, received his Masters of Law from Harvard.

In 1977, he founded and published Canadian Lawyer Magazine, the leisure magazine for the Canadian legal profession, reaching over 30,000 persons.

Over the years, Will has produced concerts with many accomplished artists including Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, and Neil Diamond.

In 1980, he collaborated with Andy Warhol, and together, published an art series of the prima ballerina of the National Ballet; Karen Kain.

Will is the founder of Clear Lake Historical Productions, a not for profit documentary film production company. He acted as a Producer for the documentary film Jews And Baseball,An American Love Story,which received a wide release in both film festivals, and theatrically.The film has also played extensively throughout the PBS television network

Currently, Will is a Director/Producer for Clear Lake’s latest film, A.K.A Doc Pomus

He is no stranger to film, having run an art house cinema .